Friday, March 3, 2017

4/24 make history border tiles

class 4/24 put in a huge effort to get the historical phrases scratched into the history border tiles.

 It was all very complex-
Phrases and sentences were gleaned from past history and reminiscences.
These were written onto strips and numbered. Then students chose a sentence to make with tiles. They painted the tiles with ultramarine underglaze and then scratched the words through the underglaze to reveal the white clay underneath.
At the moment the tiles look pale lilac, but after they are fired, they will be dark blue.

Here I am painting the numbers on the back of all of the tiles so that it makes them easier to sort back into sentences after they are fired.

I loved that this series of tiles took two people to carry it.

The history borders all became dark blue as planned, after being fired.
Here they are on the final sculpture.

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