Tuesday, February 28, 2017

class 4/27 make border tiles for the petals

class 4/27 make border tiles for the petals
The petals will have a dark blue border and on each petal border will be words about the Value that the petal represents.

Class 4/27 did the border tiles for the first two petals Learn and Endeavour.
We had to brainstorm words and phrases about these values and then scratch them into a border tiles which had been painted with dark blue underglaze.

The border tiles used had been made by Debbie on a previous day because they needed to be leather hard to scratch through the underglaze colour without making a mess.
The class also made some border tiles from class for the next Year 4 class to use.

After scratching in the words and phrases, we placed the tiles around the border on the template to make sure that we had enough

the back of each tile was labelled so that when they are fired and glazed, we know which petal they belong to.

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